A property left vacant for some time, following the end of a lease, pending upgrades or the unplanned departure of the tenant can become a target for illegal dumping, vandalism or other type of inappropriate use. If left uncontrolled the damage cause to the property can be extensive and costly to repair. Whyte Properties can save you time and expenses by taking steps to secure and protect your commercial investment.  

Vacant Properties

A property left vacant, following the end of a lease or the relocation of a commercial, industrial or residential tenant, is left vulnerable to possible vandalism, can attract trash or debris or worse. It is important to take steps to secure your vacant property as soon as possible. While your Realtor (c) looks for a suitable replacement tenant, Whyte Properties will manage your site and keep it secure.


Based on your specific needs and instructions, we ill install signage identifying the property manager and a phone contact point in case of emergency.


  • Provide a detailed inspection of the Property including:

Inspection of the exterior and reporting on the state,

Inspection of the interior and reporting on the state.


  • Provide a winterization service including:

Winterixzation of the extrior of the buildings, yard and property,

Winterization of the interior of the building(s) and property.


  • Provide records of monthly inspection as long as the property remains vacant,

  • Provide cleaning and janitorial service to ensure the property is in optimum shape for showings,

  • Provide management of accounts payables relating to taxes, insurance and the basic utilities (water, electricity and gas services),

  • Change the locks, padlocks, alarm codes (alarm system) and passcodes (card access door system).

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